ABA ARTICLE: Banking Apps that Matter Will Head to the Cloud in 2016

Posted by Michele Rehm, Marketing Manager on Jan 5, 2016 4:31:38 AM


By Penny CrosmanDecember 24, 2015

Capital One is bounding down a path on which other banks have been tiptoeing.

The McLean, Va., bank and card issuer has begun shrinking its physical technology infrastructure by shifting it to Amazon's public cloud. At first, Amazon Web Services was used mainly for developing and testing software. More recently Capital One used the Amazon service to deploy its new mobile banking apps — software that's vital to the organization these days.

"Like many large enterprises, we started more in an experimentation mode, in our innovation labs," Rob Alexander, the company's chief information officer, said at a conference in October. "It was a grassroots, developer-driven use of the platform."

But "this year, we've taken a more aggressive stance, recognizing that we could deploy some of our most critical production workloads on the AWS platform," he said.

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