ICYMI: Our Top Blog Posts of 2016

Posted by Michele Rehm, Marketing Manager on Dec 27, 2016 10:19:22 AM

cms-265125_1920.jpgIn case you missed out... listed below are BSG Financial Group's five most popular blog posts of 2016. Loads of people have already read them and we wanted to make sure you did too! Take a look to get "in the know" and feel free to pass them along!

Is Overdraft Privilege Dead?
by Jeff Harper, President, Feb 23, 2016

Article Roundup: (Positive) Overdraft Protection News
by Jeff Harper, President, Jan 13, 2016

Coming Clean on Overdraft
by Michele Rehm, Marketing Manager, Mar 23, 2016

Three Top Challenges Facing Financial Institutions (as told to us by those who know)
by Jeff Harper, President, Nov 7, 2016

Overdraft Privilege Myths Debunked
by Jeff Harper, President, Aug 16, 2016

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