What Has Your Overdraft Provider Done for You Lately?

Posted by Jeff Harper, President, BSG Financial Group on Feb 27, 2017 11:46:51 AM

Webinar Will Provide a 'Road Map' for Financial Institutions to Assess the Performance of Their Overdraft Service Provider Using Key Metrics 


Over the past 20 years most financial institutions have partnered with a third-party overdraft provider. However, much has changed in those twenty years, and far too many programs are running on ‘auto-pilot.'

There are many opportunities to improve compliance, income and service with regard to overdraft management. If your overdraft management provider hasn’t communicated these to you or enhanced its software, then you have to ask yourself, ‘What has my provider done for me lately?'

BSG Financial Group will host a webinar called, "What Has Your Overdraft Provider Done for You Lately?" on Thursday, March 9 at 2 pm EST that will help you answer that question.

The 60-minute session will provide a 'road map' for financial institutions to evaluate the performance of their current overdraft service and provider in critical areas, such as technology advancements; program costs; and ongoing support & program evaluation.

The webinar, which features insights by industry expert Erik Hoghaug of Hoghaug Consulting, LLC, will introduce a number of key performance metrics that should be tracked and evaluated in order to ensure compliance, service, and risk management, including: 

  • Overdraft Limit Calculation Strategy
  • Revenue vs. Charge-Offs
  • Overdraft Activity by Payment Channel
  • Reg E Opt-Ins and Debit Denials
  • Counseling Strategies & Communication    

The webinar is also relevant to institutions that do not currently utilize an automated overdraft solution or are considering adopting a third-party solution, as they will learn the 'must-have' elements of a compliant, consumer-focused discretionary overdraft service. 

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 What Has Your OD Provider Done for You Lately?

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